The natural and long-lasting eyelash extension

Are you dreaming of longer and thicker lashes? To make hearts flutter with a single look - and without regular trips to your beauty salon for eyelash extensions? Then we at Tolure Cosmetics have the simple and natural alternative to artificial eyelash extension, just for you!

Are you unhappy with the length and density of your lashes? Would you like fuller eyebrows, without any bald spots? Do you long for an enchanting look without fake eyelashes? Or are you simply tired of going to a cosmetic studio regularly and spend hours to have your eyelashes extended?

TOLURE HAIRPLUS® is just the RIGHT product for you!

HAIRPLUS® is an innovative 2-in-1 serum that, with daily use, will help your eyelashes and eyebrows look more attractive in the long term. It ensures maximum natural length, density and thickness for a perfect natural appearance. The unique 2-in-1 serum that guarantees long-lasting and natural eyelash growth is yours to discover.

Take the natural option!

Artificial eyelash extensions have gone out of style. Today is all about emphasizing natural beauty. HAIRPLUS® therefore relies on purely natural ingredients, for a result that will convince and captivate - promised!

How exactly does HAIRPLUS® work? With its special composition HAIRPLUS® stimulates the function of the hair follicles and supports their natural growth potential. The bio-peptides contained strengthen the hair structure and thus extend the growth of your lashes and eyebrows. The skin around your eyes is provided additional nourishment by vitamins A, C and E and is also protected from harmful outside influences. In addition, the ginseng extract in the product intensifies the blood circulation of the treated skin and hair follicles. This boosts the supply of nutrients and maximizes hair growth.   

Other essential ingredients are panthenol and flower and fruit extracts. They have an invigorating effect on the follicles and stimulate "dormant hair roots". They will also soothe irritated skin and make eyelashes or eyebrows wonderfully supple.

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