More care and more volume for perfect lips

What is LipBoost and how does it work?

Lip Boost is an innovative lip gloss that nourishes and volumizes your lips at the same time. Thanks to the active ingredient Linefill, the lip gloss increases the fat storage capacity and fat synthesis in the lips after just a few applications, so that smaller wrinkles around the lips are filled and more volume is built up. This makes your lips more expressive and fuller - without the need for plastic surgery. The volume of the lips can be significantly increased after only 28 days! Due to the more firm structure and more elasticity of the lips, they appear noticeably fuller and more plastic. The contained vitamin E (tocopherol) is an effective antioxidant, protection against free radicals, has a moisturizing effect, improves the skin quality and provides gentle care for your lips. Frescolat ML and menthol have a refreshing and cooling effect for a pleasant feeling. In addition LipBoost contains valuable gingko-, ginseng- and vanilla extracts.

How should LipBoost be applied?

Easy to use - LipBoost is applied generously to the upper and lower lips twice a day. To ensure optimal blood circulation in the lips, they should not be squeezed together during application. In this way the ingredients contained in the product can develop an optimal effect. The effect of LipBoost becomes visible after only 28 days after correct application. If necessary, you can use LipBoost as often as you like without reducing the effect of the lip gloss! The lip gloss is available in transparent and also in different color shades, so that it will complete your make-up with its glossy look.

Which are the benefits of LipBoost?

Do you want fuller and more sensual lips but do not want to have surgery? The innovative formula of LipBoost can help you achieve this wish and at the same time will provide rich lip care. The incredible volume effect that appears after only 28 days of constant use will impress you. Thanks to the special composition you will achieve fuller, more plastic and perfectly nourished lips. The lip gloss convinces with a comfortable, cooling feeling and the different available colors for a natural glossy look. The result: voluminous, sensual and at the same time perfectly smooth lips after a very short time!

Our LipBoost products at a glance:

  • Proven to increase the natural lip volume
  • Significantly more structure and elasticity
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Effective against small wrinkles around the lips
  • Visible results already after 28 days
  • Caring effect with gingko, ginseng and vanilla extracts
  • Sensual lips and optimal moisturizing care for daily use