About us


TOLURE Cosmetics is a premium cosmetics brand that has made it its mission to offer its customers high-quality cosmetic products that have a real impact. We want to support natural, individual beauty and focus on products that actually present solutions and achieve effects. We let eyelashes and hair grow and offer care that also gets under the skin. 

We want to make insecurities disappear, whether thin lips, wrinkles and shadows under the eyes, short eyelashes or hair loss with our highly effective products, such as our Tolure HAIRPLUS eyelash and eyebrow serum, we are one of the best problem solvers in the cosmetics industry.

TOLURE Cosmetics relies on intensive research to develop new formulations of active ingredients and to work together with established laboratories on further product innovations. We select high quality ingredients for our products. We rely on new findings from European laboratories as well as proven ingredients and formulas that lead to the best possible results and high user satisfaction. Effect, compatibility and care are always at the heart of our products. With unique, innovative active ingredient complexes and predominantly clean products of the highest effectiveness, TOLURE Cosmetics sets sustainable accents in high-quality cosmetic care.

We, too, have recognized the signs of the times and are focusing intensively on the issue of sustainability. We scrutinize the environmental impact of our ingredients, our packaging and our work processes in order to drive forward the transition to sustainable production, using only paper from sustainably managed forests and minimizing our packaging to avoid unnecessary volume.

To this end, we develop and produce exclusively in Germany and Europe. We therefore focus on short distances and supply chains for the benefit of the environment and our customers.

Do you need support in picking the right products that suit your beauty routine and skintype - we're here to help.

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